1. Assist Veterans with acquiring eligible benefits.

  1. Confirm discharge type
  2.  Confirm DD-214 is in their possession
  3. Confirm whether veteran is registered at the Veterans Administration
  4. Direct Veteran to the Veterans Administration

2. Inform Veterans of legislation that will or will not benefit them.

  1. Stay in touch with politicians and legislators on areas of interest to veterans
  2. Invite politicians to brief on legislation that will or will not be beneficial  

3. Sign up Veterans to vote.

*Post registration qualifications for individuals to vote

4. Sign up veterans for their service newsletters

*Contact Service Information Office

5. Assist Veterans in finding higher education, employment, housing and  food via VFC website.

6. Award an Annual Scholarship to a deserving child of a Veteran 

*See Prerequisites on our website

7. Fellowship and partner with other organizations to better serve Veterans

*VFC Liaison to contact other Veterans and Civic organization

8. Annually sponsor fundraisers and or symposiums to help the needs of veterans.

9. Maintain an organization without gender preference

10. Recognize Veterans Day as a group.